Fading Azalea is a symphonic metal band from Gothenburg. Its melodic music switches between beautiful acoustic parts and agressive guitar riffs where the melodic metal influences can be felt. It is a unique mix of opera singing, powerful rock vocals, grunts, guitars that remind of In Flames, Metallica and black metal genre.
       The band was created in 2013 by Olivia Bing, vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist. Later on, Alexander joins the band and records drums on half of the Maze Of Melancholy album, as well as Fall Of The Mask - single version. Then Johan enters the band. Together they record at Gain studio (Gothenburg) their first two songs, Here I Am Again and Fall Of The Mask (single version), in autumn 2015. Johan contributes with writing bass for 6 of the album tracks, as well as the main guitar riffs for Surface and Time To Realize. Olivia records the solo guitar parts on those songs. After two years in the band, Alexander leaves Fading Azalea to focus on his other band. He is replaced by Kristoffer Jonassen, black metal drummer (ex-Irrbloss). Johan leaves the band autumn 2016 and the guest Gianluca Di Francisca helps the band recording bass on their 4 last tracks (Heart Of Darkness, Flames Of Death, Dying Paradise, Burning To Ashes) for the album. The guest Rafael Basso makes his appearance on the growl part of "In The Name Of Justice". The one on the song "Burning To Ashes" is recorded by Olivia.
        Their first album, Maze of Melancholy, is released on March, 1st, 2017, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen.  Kristoffer leaves the band short after the album release. Fading Azalea continues writing music as a solo project, trying to build a new line-up to play live.


Olivia Bing - Vocals, grunts, guitars, keyboard                                                Joachim Van Zoelen - Bass

Other projects : Hall Of Mountains, Burning To Ashes                                        (Ex Beyond Violet)

Kristoffer - drums 2016-2017

Johan - bass 2015-2016                     Alexander - drums 2013-2016   

Past members